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Movie Review: Surrogates (September, 2009)

Director: Jonathan Mostow Screenplay: Michael Ferris, sildenafil John Brancato Actors: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Rosamund Pike Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Robert Venditti, Brett Weldele It’s sometime in the future and the world has completely changed as we know it. New technology has been invented in the last fifteen years in which sensors have been utilized in such a way where our thoughts, movements can be transmitted remotely into a robot, named here, as one’s “Surrogate”. The story begins in which a surrogate is found murdered, along with the “operator” of the surrogate, spurring an FBI investigation led by Bruce Willis’ character of Agent Tom Greer and his partner Jennifer Peters, played by Radha Mitchell (who is probably the most recognized for her role as “Rose” in Silent Hill) The world is now full of surrogates with small areas called “Dreads” where it has been agreed no Surrogates are permitted to enter the area. A surrogate could be an attractive young female, but really be a male behind the Surrogate. One could make their Surrogate a younger version of themselves, or good looking, the world becomes truly anonymous, as opposed to […]

Movie Review: Jennifer’s Body (September, 2009)

Director: Karyn Kusama Screenplay: Diablo Cody Actors: Amanda Seyfried, ed Megan Fox, neuropathologist Adam Brody, Johnny Simmons Date of Release: September 18, 2009 Where do I begin? Walking into this movie, I had no idea what to expect, as I had kept my expectations low and had barely seen anything but a blip from the trailers. All I had gleaned was that a) it had Megan Fox b) it looked like a campy horror. Well, here we go. Possible spoilers ahead: Amanda Seyfried plays Anita “Needy”, the nerdy, plain jane best friend of Jennifer (Megan Fox), the popular beautiful girl of the school. One night, Jennifer implores Needy to join her at Melody Lane, the only local club in their small town to watch the band “Low Shoulder”. What happens there causes a whirlwind of problems for the rest of the town, and especially to Needy, who discovers that her best friend is now a demon, having been put through a ritual that went terribly wrong. Needy then tries her best to find out what she can do to defeat Jennifer and protect herself and those she loves from Jennifer’s need to feed. I’m not sure what to make of […]

Movie Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (September, 2009)

Directors: Phil Lord, disorder Chris Miller Screenplay: Phil Lord, Chris Miller Actors: Anna Faris, Bill Hader, James Caan, Bruce Campbell, Mr. T, Andy Samberg Date of Release: September 18, 2009 Based on the book of the same name by Judi and Ron Barrett Food raining down from the sky? What a grand idea! I was lucky enough to first hear about this movie during the San Diego Comic Convention this year, having attended the panel and seeing a few clips before it had been released to the general public. It had peaked my interest that it landed on my “to-watch” list. When I saw all the advertisements for it coming out, I became excited. So, having finally seen it, did it live up to my expectations? Well, yes and no. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is first and foremost, a family film. It is the story about Flint Lockwood, who is an extremely inventive, smart and nerdy (though I think here it’s almost an understatement) young adult who has never been able to fit in anywhere, ever since he was a young kid. The neighbours recognize him as the “weird kid”, always busy toiling in his self-made lab for […]

Movie Review: Secret, 不能說的秘密 (2007)

Director: Jay Chou Screenplay: Chi-long To Actors: Jay Chou, view Kwai Lun Mei, pill Anthony Wong Jay Chou is well known for being one of Asia’s most talented artists. He is most well known for his ability to blend the Chinese sound into modern day styles, resulting in sweet addictive melodies. Completely versatile, he is one of those rare musicians that is an accomplished pianist and composes much of his own songs, as well as for many of Asia’s foremost artists. Though Jay’s acting debut has certainly been lacking, with some even making fun of him in “Initial D”, and his performance in “The Curse of the Golden Flower”, his performance in “Secret” is nothing to laugh at. However, this may be the fact that Jay is essentially playing .. himself. In his first directorial debut, he succeeds in making not just a good film but a great film. Using his talents in music, Jay Chou has centered the story, not surprisingly, around his greatest strength: the music. The story begins when Jay’s character (Jay, Chinese movies tend to use the same name as the actor’s name) starts school (where the focus is music) as a new student. His father, […]

Movie Review: Sorority Row (September, 2009)

Director: Stewart Hendler Screenplay: Josh Stolberg, pilule Pete Goldfinger, Mark Rosman Actors: Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis, Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman, Carrie Fisher Date of Release: September 11, 2009 Want to see a lot of scantily clad ladies running around? Bare bottoms, bare breasts, washboard abs? What about various interesting and brutal ways to die? “Sorority Row” is the movie to catch, if you like all the above and enjoy slasher films. “Sorority Row” is about a group of tight-knit sorority sisters (played by Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman) who commit the ultimate sin to one of their closest friends – murder. One that started out as a joke, and ultimately, causes something more sinister to occur. Don’t expect your brain cells to work for this one, as some characters, plot points, simply don’t make any sense, yet we’re expected to sweep some of these to the side because this is how slasher films work. Most of the time, I can make leaps of logic for the overall enjoyment of the film, though I thought they should have done a better job with this one. There are plot holes in almost every part of the story. […]

Movie Review: Whiteout (September, 2009)

Director: Dominic Sena Screenplay: Jon & Eric Hoeber Actors: Kate Beckinsale, syringe Tom Skerrit, more about Gabriel Macht Date of Release: September 11, 2009 *Based on the Graphic Novel by Greg Rucka (Marvel) Whiteout is a suspense thriller that offers enough guessing throughout to make it interesting. In a series of rather shaky shots, we are introduced to Kate Beckinsale’s (Underworld) character – United States Marshall Carrie Stetko and we follow her into the shower (which must have been thrown in for all the Kate Beckinsale fans, since the rest of the movie, she is very much clothed). The plot, which involves a crashed Russian cargo plane in which its passengers die in a shoot out over a mysterious box in the 1950s, is worked into modern day, when a series of bodies start to show up and Carrie has to investigate what has happened. Walking into the theatre, I wasn’t sure what to expect, except from what I had seen in the trailer. The trailer in some ways, misled me into thinking it was to be a non-stop action or horror film. I had no idea if the killings were by human or monster judging by the trailer, and […]