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Movie Review: Sorority Row (September, 2009)

Sorority Row Movie Poster
Sorority Row Movie Poster
Director: Stewart Hendler
Screenplay: Josh Stolberg, pilule Pete Goldfinger, Mark Rosman
Actors: Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis, Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman, Carrie Fisher
Date of Release: September 11, 2009

Want to see a lot of scantily clad ladies running around? Bare bottoms, bare breasts, washboard abs? What about various interesting and brutal ways to die? “Sorority Row” is the movie to catch, if you like all the above and enjoy slasher films.

“Sorority Row” is about a group of tight-knit sorority sisters (played by Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman) who commit the ultimate sin to one of their closest friends – murder. One that started out as a joke, and ultimately, causes something more sinister to occur. Don’t expect your brain cells to work for this one, as some characters, plot points, simply don’t make any sense, yet we’re expected to sweep some of these to the side because this is how slasher films work. Most of the time, I can make leaps of logic for the overall enjoyment of the film, though I thought they should have done a better job with this one. There are plot holes in almost every part of the story. Though the film at times was funny and campy, it wasn’t funny or campy enough, as comparison to, say, “Drag Me To Hell“. A definite highlight of the film was Leah Pipes, who plays the selfish and unemotional resident Theta Pi bitch Jessica. Leah did a great job playing her character (though she probably had the most fun) and delivered the best lines throughout the film. Leah is the main contributing factor to the hilarious-ness of “Sorority Row”.

Despite all the above, “Sorority Row” is still highly entertaining. I had no idea who was wreaking havoc and why certain people were getting killed. It kept me guessing and re-guessing. I had so little of a clue that I had reached a point where anyone who wasn’t in the core group of girls seemed suspicious to me. The end, though surprising, was at the same time, a let-down. The explanation was hard to swallow, and it really confused me when they tried to fool us with one of the characters. Even though I am on the fence, they did give a reason as to why some people were getting killed that didn’t fit the picture of their dead friend.

I admit I don’t usually enjoy slasher films as much as a good drama or romantic comedy, so my opinion is a bit skewed. Because of this, I would recommend this to those who enjoy slasher films, because there are a lot of “fun” scenes where the characters are quite unexpectedly and cruelly killed. It certainly is fun as it will cause you to cringe, wince, and laugh all at the same time.

Unlike “Whiteout“, in which I recommended waiting until it comes out on rental, I would say this one is fun to watch in the theatre. Plus, who doesn’t want to work out their eyeballs a bit to admire all the eye candy? Jamie Chung steams off the screen, as many guys would attest to. Plus, the men aren’t horrible either. However, if you’re like one of my many friends who cannot watch scary movies, this is NOT the movie for you.

3 Theta Pis / 5 Theta Pis


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