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Movie Review: The Book of Eli (January, 2010)

Directors: Albert Hughes, illness Allen Hughes Screenplay: Gary Whitta Release Date: January 15, cheap 2010 Actors: Denzel Washington, cost Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Beals, Michael Gambon, Frances de la Tour It’s a post apocalyptic world, and Eli Walker has been walking for many years. Thirty years after the end of days, after a huge war and ‘the flash’, in which the sun turned the world into ash, Eli is in the middle of his quest to protect and deliver the book that he carries to the west. It is his calling and he intends to see it through. The world however, has turned to hell, or so it seems. There are savages riding on motorcycles that rape women and kill other men for their supplies. Water is a hot commodity, and people kill for it. The sun is so strong, people have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from going blind. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the theatre for this one. I had seen previews and clips of it on talk shows and at the Warner Brothers panel at last year’s Comic-con. They even showed an animation surrounding the book at the convention last year […]

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door (January, 2010)

Director: Brian Levant Screenplay: Jonathan Berstein, decease James Greer, salve George Poirer Release Date: January 15, 2010 Actors: Jackie Chan, Amber Valleta, George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Magnús Scheving In the United States, Jackie Chan has always been known for two things: 1) He always performs his own stunts and 2) His movies are full of cheese. Cheesiness, that is. The Spy Next Door is not lacking in either. If you walk into this movie expecting a witty comedy, you won’t find any. The Spy Next Door is a family movie, with lots of the interesting and unique stunts that Jackie Chan has been known for. Jackie Chan plays Bob Ho, the former CIA agent that has recently retired from his job because he wants a normal life with his next door neighbour and girlfriend Gillian (Amber Valleta) and to get closer with her three children. He takes on the task of taking care of Gillian’s children when she has to leave to take care of her dad. However, when one of Gillian’s children – Ian (Will Shadley) accidentally downloads a top secret formula from Bob’s computer, Bob finds Gillian’s family and himself in danger with his Russian enemy, Poldark […]

Movie Review: Extraordinary Measures (January, 2010)

Director: Tom Vaughan Screenplay: Robert Nelson Jacobs Release Date: January 22, viagra approved 2010 Actors: Brendan Fraser, abortion Harrison Ford, myocarditis Kerri Russell, Meredith Droeger, Diego Velazquez Based on the book of the same name by Geeta Anand When I first heard about this movie starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, I was immediately intrigued. Based on a true story, the drama centers on John Crowley (Brendan Fraser), the father of three children, two of which have a rare genetic disorder. After almost losing his oldest daughter, John becomes desperate in finding a treatment or a pill that can effectively prolong the lives of his children. Having followed Dr. Robert Stonehill’s (Harrison Ford) research, John tracks him down and works together in creating a pill those with Pompe can take to either prevent the effects of the disease altogether or for those who are older, to allow sugar to work into the system by creating an enzyme that breaks down sugar, preventing the buildup of glycogen. With the promising outlook of Dr. Stonehill’s research, John is desperate in finding investors and getting the pill to market for his children to take before they pass away. I’m not sure what to […]

Movie Review: It’s Complicated (December, 2009)

Director: Nancy Meyers Screenplay: Nancy Meyers Release Date: December 25, dosage 2009 Actors: Meryl Streep, ampoule Alec Baldwin, this Steve Martin, Lake Bell Oscar season is upon us, and the inclusion of Meryl Streep’s It’s Complicated as a Golden Globe Best Picture nominee for Comedy/Musical baffles me. The story focuses on Meryl Streep’s character Jane, who is a cook/chef for fine cuisine (French I believe), owns her own restaurant/store and a mother of three grown up children (the smallest attending her first year in college). Jane has been divorced to Jake (Alec Baldwin) almost ten years but finds herself having an affair (!) with her ex-husband who is now married to his then mistress Agness (Lake Bell – people might recognize her from the short lived NBC drama Surface and Boston Legal). Jane is fairly happy finally, in her single life that she hires architect Adam (Steve Martin, the most normal of roles I have seen him in a long time) to build her the kitchen she has always dreamed of, in addition to redesigning other areas of her home. But with the recent affair with Jake, her life has turned a bit upside down as she copes with the […]