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Movie Review: She’s Out of My League (March, 2010)

Director: Jim Field Smith
Screenplay: Sean Anders, page John Anders
Release Date: March 12, 2010
Actors: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Lindsay Sloane, T.J. Miller, Mike Vogel, Nate Torrence, Krysten Ritter, Debra Jo Rupp

I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the theatre, except for a comedy that was supposedly (heard from others) that it was very funny. Did it live up to that expectation? Yes, and then some.

Meet Kirk (Jay Baruchel, from Knocked Up, FanBoys, Tropic Thunder ). An average guy. Skinny, timid, nice, respectful, not that attractive and works as a TSA officer at the Pittsburgh airport. Kirk wants to get back together with his ex girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), and thinks it could never get possibly better than her, given his very average personality and looks. All of his friends (who also work at the airport) try to dissuade him from this as none of them approve of Marnie. Marnie lives with Kirk’s very dysfunctional family and is not impressed when Kirk asks to get back together with her.

Meet Molly (Alice Eve). A perfect 10, from head to toe. She is beautiful, smart, sassy and incredibly nice while turning heads wherever she goes. Molly meets Kirk when she passes through security, but by accidentally forgets her iphone in one of those checkpoint bins. She asks Kirk to meet her when she arrives back in Pittsburgh so she can get her phone back. This then begins the start to a sweet relationship, except for the fact that Kirk can’t stop wondering why a wonderful girl like Molly would be even remotely interested in him.

As most comedies go, the lead character tends to have the least amount of funny lines. It is the friends that get all the great, juicy, hilarious lines and the tradition continues here with She’s Out of My League. Kirk’s friends keep Kirk on his toes all the while tickling the audience bones. Stainer (TJ Miller) constantly wonders why Molly could possibly be interested with his best friend, all the while making out there remarks. Devon (Nate Torrance, best recognized for his role as Lloyd in the most recent Get Smart and for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) is the only friend of Kirk’s that is actually married and likes spontaneously comparing situations to scenes from Disney animated movies. Jack (Mike Vogel) is their most attractive of Kirk’s friends, and “8” as you will and offers advice to Kirk as to how to reel Molly in. Most scenes that involved all four characters are to savoured, but scenes with Devon and Kirk particularly stand out. The scene that had me literally rolling involved a shaver and a rather awkward exchange between Devon and Kirk, and even if the entire movie failed, this scene alone would have saved it from misery.

On the other side of the coin, Alice Eve, that plays Molly, plays her to a T as charming, sweet, sexy and beautiful. A real “10”, every man’s dreams. Having recently seen her in Poirot’s Mystery on a Blue Train, it’s quite the opposite role for her – beautiful in She’s Out of My League, and rather mousy in the episode of Poirot. Herbitch friend Patty ( Kryston Ritter) is the nice balance to Molly. Her exchanges with Stainer are amusing as her bluntness,.

Jay Baruchel reminds me something of a mixture of Christian Slater and Jon Heder. When my friends mentioned it out loud in the theatre, I couldn’t stop imagining Baruchel as Christian Slater. It was odd, his expressions and his voice matched too well. He played the awkward, shy but respectable guy as expected.

The writing was quite witty, and I think that both guys and girls will enjoy this one. Lots of guy humor, but there is enough romance and balance that I imagine it will be a hit with girls as well. This definitely is not appropriate for younger audiences, and older audiences may not find it very funny at all. However, everyone in between (if they have any funny bone in their body), I imagine, would find She’s Out of my League purely entertaining. The song selection is very good as well, and it stands out.

What do I say? I loved it, it was hilarious and it was entertaining. There were not as many laughs as the Hot Tub Machine that I saw last week, but the scenes that induced laughs really were quite funny.

Hilarious! 3 tens / 5 tens 😉

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