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Movie Review: Remember Me (March, 2010)

Director: Allen Coulter
Release Date: March 12, pharmacy 2010
Screenplay: Will Fetters
Actors: Robert Pattinson, cardiologist Emilie de Ravin, Ruby Jerins, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Lena Olin

The DVD release for Remember Me comes out on the 22nd of June, and having missed the screening of it earlier in the year, I was happy to be able to watch this, since I heard a few good things from people who had seen it.

Let’s make this clear. I am not a Twilight fan (anyone who knows me can confirm this to the third degree). I am not a Robert Pattinson fan of any shape or form (though I did like his Cedric Diggory in the fourth and fifth movies of the Harry Potter films.) Having watched the first Twilight film and part of the second one, I find it now disappointing that Pattinson may be seen for a while, as “Twilight’s Edward”, because truthfully, he is much better than that.

Remember Me follows the life of Tyler Hawkins (played by Pattinson), but starts off introducing Ally Craig (Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin) and the tragedy she experiences when she is young. Tyler is practically estranged from his dad (Pierce Brosnan) and has a sister Caroline Hawkins (Ruby Jerins) who yearns for her father’s presence. After getting into an incident with a cop played by Chris Cooper, Tyler becomes involved with Ally, and finds himself falling in love with her. Remember Me, at its heart, is about Tyler’s life and family, finding himself and making peace with the people around him and situations that he cannot control.

Most critics found Remember Me to be pure drivel. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that I strongly dislike Twilight. But, having heard that many people liked it, including one of my friends who loves Twilight, I decided to give this a try. I’m very happy I did. Remember Me was very poignant, well written, and most importantly, powerful. The relationship he has with both his dad and especially his sister is extremely moving, and it is in due part to both Jerins and Pattinson. Tyler’s bond with his sister is that of a very protective older bother, who wishes Caroline can get her wish of being close with her dad, and that her classmates would accept her. Tyler also finds solace with Ally, as he falls in love with her.

The movie succeeds here due to Robert Pattinson’s acting. Unlike Edward in Twilight, where Pattinson is wooden, stiff, and unfeeling, here I feel he is the opposite (less vampire like, I suppose). He speaks clearly here where instead, he mumbles. He is not simply a vampire that sparkles in the sun and stalks a girl. As a viewer, I care about his predicament, and want him to find fulfillment and satisfaction in his life. I wanted him to reconnect with his father, and I wanted his sister to be happy. There were so many emotions in the film – laughter, tears, anger, and pain. He really is what makes the movie as beautiful as it was – wow, did I say that? Yes, I did. Of all the performances by these tremendous actors (Cooper, Brosnant, Lena Olin), it was his that stood out.

Remember Me is a beautiful film that stays with you after you have finished watching. Whether or not this is because of the ending or not, I’m not sure. I did not know the ending prior to watching the film, and was thoroughly enjoying myself even to that point. But the ending makes such an emotional impact that what I felt after watching remained with me for days after.

The soundtrack and the cinematography also added a great deal to the feel and atmosphere of the film. It had a light and airy feeling, yet at the very same time, serious. Images and settings were beautifully constructed, and the set of images seen in the ending made the film feel very complete. The hues of browns and yellows gave the film a warm glow, that, though they create the feeling of warmth, it also aided in the feeling of loneliness that you could feel radiate from Tyler.

So, would I recommend this? With a resounding yes. I don’t know what the critics at Rotten Tomatoes were smoking. Perhaps because they couldn’t easily categorize the film, they decided to give it a fail. This is not a film that operates on technical details. Some didn’t like the ending – well, to them, I say, it’s happened to someone. As can be seen by the huge discrepancy between the RT Community and the critic community, I’d say this film is worth seeing, and this is from someone who hates Twilight.

Moving. 4 trains / 5 trains


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