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Movie Review: The Social Network (October 1, 2010)

Director: David Fincher
Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin
Release Date: October 1, nurse 2010
Actors: Jesse Eisenberg, gastritis Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song

When I first heard that this movie was being created, I turned my nose up at it. Who wants to watch a movie about Mark Zuckerberg? Certainly not me, who comes off as very arrogant especially in regards to those who use Facebook, and his approach on privacy.

Finally, after the reviews started rolling in, The Social Network piqued my interest. Was it really good as the critics were saying? In a short word and very unimportant opinion: no. The movie focuses on Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and the rise of Facebook from the beginnings of his stay at Harvard. Based on the story The Accidental Millionaire, the story is not fully factual and is very much dramatized with the addition of sex, drugs and alcohol. And though I’m not very fond of Mark Zuckerberg in general, David Fincher’s and Alan Sorkin’s decision to make him even more of a jerk (I use that word as an understatement) is a bit alarming. Jesse Eisenberg gives for the most part, a very one note Mark Zuckerberg – with one goal and one goal only – to be the best, to drive his creation into success, at the expense of his friends, and that Zuckerberg has no friends.

The cinematography is beautiful, and definitely nothing to sneeze at. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before from Fincher’s movies, and the similar detached, cold feeling exists in The Social Network, as his previous movies – which for the most part works in Fincher’s favor (my favorites being Panic Room and Se7en). I fail to believe however, that the Facebook’s rise was as cold as it seemed. Zuckerberg was sued by the Winklevosses (which I think was supposed to add some comedy into the story and succeeded) and his friend Eduardo Saverin, but I didn’t feel the constant blue and dark hues was necessary.

Don’t get me wrong, The Social Network was very entertaining and enjoyable, but I don’t by any means think it is excellent. Perhaps it is because it is socially relevant that people are finding The Social Network to be amazing, or it is my bias against Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude to the people who use Facebook that I didn’t find it amazing. Given that however, I would still recommend it, given that the story behind the people who created Facebook is an interesting one. The acting is terrific, especially done by Justin Timberlake who plays Sean Park (creator of Napster) and Andrew Garfield who plays Eduardo Saverin. (Look for Andrew Garfield to be in the upcoming Never Let Me Go and the Spiderman reboot).

In general, I would recommend the movie. It’s for the most part, worthwhile, given the interesting story and the characters.
3.5 Likes / 5 Likes

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