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Movie Review: Due Date (November, 2010)

Director: Todd Philips
Screenplay: Alan R. Cohen, stuff Alan Freedland, about it Adam Sztykiel, gonorrhea Todd Phillips
Release Date: November 5, 2010
Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Michelle Monaghan, Jamie Foxx

People who love The Hangover, will probably enjoy Due Date, as the humor coming from Zach Galifianakis is the same similar literal humor found in the The angover. Admittedly, I am not really that huge of a fan of The Hangover and thought the first movie was just alright. (Apparently, I’ve been told that I’m incredibly wrong).

Though most of the funny moments are to be found in the trailer, there were a few newly added entertaining moments in the film that were not included in the film (my favorite dialogue must have been between Robert Downey Junior and Jamie Foxx). However, though most of the funny scenes were indeed funny, the overall story was tiring, dry and almost sentimental. Why?

Well, Robert Downey Junior plays Peter Highman, who is on currently on a business trip and needs to return home quickly to his wife (Michelle Monaghan) who is about to give birth to their son through a Cesarean. Upon arriving at the airport however, Peter has the most unfortunate luck in running into Zach Galifianakis (Ethan Tremblay). Through this meeting and a subsequent mishap with Ethan on the airplane, Peter is now placed on the “no-fly” list, and must find his way back home to his wife. Without his wallet and no form of ids or credit card, Peter runs into Ethan again, who offers to drive him back to Los Angeles, or “Hollywood”, as Ethan insists on calling it. Ethan, who is struggling with the recent passing of his father, finds a companionship with Peter, an emotion that Peter does not share. Not that one could blame Peter, as Ethan proves to be a living nightmare to travel with.

I think Due Date would have been far more successful if it had left the sentimental moments and cliche ending out of the story. A lot of the moments are, in my opinion, not very funny, but this is probably due to my lack of shared sense of humor that is required to enjoy the film. If I had to travel with Ethan, I would shoot myself. Peter and Ethan were never friends before the trip – was there a need for them to remain friends after, given the miserable and torturous journey Peter found himself in? I thought the movie could have had a better story – and that it should either be a full blown comedy, or a more successful dramedy. Instead I felt it never found its stride. In addition, I found there was little redeeming qualities about Ethan. For example, when Peter tells Ethan his dad left him when he was younger, Ethan laughs?! It’s one thing to be fairly clueless, it’s a whole ‘nother situation to be clueless AND unsympathetic.

There will be people who will think that Due Date is fantastic. I think both Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr to be hugely talented, but I’m tired of what seems like all quirky, in your face characters are all given to Galifianakis. Needless to say, Due Date had more misses than hits, but still had a few moments that remained entertaining and prevented it from being a total flop.

I’d wait until rental. 2 coffee canisters / 5 coffee canisters


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