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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: As Expected

Director: Kirk Jones
Screenplay: Shauna Cross, clinic Heather Hach
Release Date: May 18, viagra 2012
Actors: Cameron Diaz, salve Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Ben Falcone, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock
Based on the book of the same name by Heidi Murkoff

I say “As Expected” because I didn’t expect much from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, and in return, I got as I had expected: a cute forgettable movie.

With such a large cast, it would have been impossible to make a terrific movie (in the same vein as so many other small storyline movies with a huge cast like “Happy Valentine’s Day”, “New Year’s Eve”, etc.). Based loosely on the book of the same name, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” follows five couples that deal with pregnancy and having children differently. First, there is Jennifer Lopez’ character of Holly and her husband Sam who struggled to have children and are now trying to adopt. Meet Elizabeth Banks’s character Wendy, who owns a baby store and knows all things babies and about pregnancy. Her husband Gary and her have been trying to have a baby for a long time (2 years) and have finally succeeded. Cameron Diaz plays Jules, who reminded me of personal trainer, former Biggest Loser fitness aficionado Jillian Michaels who gets pregnant just after three months with dance partner Evan (played by Glee’s Matthew Morrison who somehow looks older here than on the show, as does Cameron Diaz). Then we have one night stand Anna Kendrick’s Rosie with irresistibly delicious Chace Crawford’s Marco. And lastly, there is Gary’s dad (played by Dennis Quaid) who is married to very young Skyler (Brooklyn Decker) who happens to be pregnant with twins.

It’s hard to flesh out any of these characters or allow the viewers to care about what happens to get to know them in such a large cast as this, but it does provide enough funny moments for it to be enjoyable to watch. Perhaps if I had been pregnant while watching or had the experience of being pregnant, I would have connected more with the film, but as it was, I thought “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” to be simply cute, charming and largely forgettable.

All the actors are talented and bring what you would expect to the table, with a few shining and quirky moments from Wendy’s store helper friend Janice (played by the hilariously funny Rebel Wilson). The more poignant scenes come from Rosie and Marco who have lost their baby shortly after getting pregnant. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I found the “Dude Group” scenes to be largely UN-funny, and Chris Rock’s character rather grated on my nerves. However, it was a good balance between serious and funny, and in that sense I found that it never felt off in tone. But a lot of the jokes that instilled laughter I just felt sorry for, more than found funny. However, saying that, I think it’s a movie that people will enjoy if they’re looking for a light laugh on a Sunday afternoon.

Recommended if you’re looking for a cute movie – there is something for both the guys and the girls. 2 strollers / 5 strollers


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