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Limitless: Be All That You Can Be

Director: Neil Burger Screenplay: Leslie Dixon Release Date: March 18, information pills 2011 Actors: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert de Niro, Anna Friel, Andrew Howard, Johnny Whitworth, Tomas Arana, Robert John Burke Based on the book by the same name by Alan Glynn If you could use 100% of your brain 100% of the time, what would you do? “Limitless” explores these exact questions with leading actor Bradley Cooper, who plays Eddie Morra in this fun and entertaining science-fiction thriller, which is based on the book “Dark Fields” by Irish writer Alan Glynn, which has now been reissued and retitled “Limitless: A Novel”. Eddie is a washed up writer who drinks too much and has difficulty putting his ideas together. One day, by chance, he runs into his ex-wife’s brother whose former job used to be in dealing drugs. His brother-in-law claims that he’s gone legal now, working in Pharmaceuticals, and he’s got this top-secret drug named NZT that the FDA just approved and is about to go on the market. The drug, he claims, will allow all the synapses of one’s brain to continuously fire, essentially allowing Eddie to use 100% of his brain 100% of the time. Deciding […]

Movie Review: Avatar, The Last Airbender (July, 2010)

Director: M. Night Shymalan Screenplay: M. Night Shymalan Release Date: July 1, pathopsychology 2010 Actors: Noah Ringer, Dev Patel, Nicola Peltz, Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Toub, Aasif Mandvi, Cliff Curtis Based on the anime on Nickelodean By now everyone knows the general critics consensus of this movie. A big fat D- to F grade. I saw this film with a group of friends that were mixed in their knowledge of Avatar, the popular Nickelodean series. (Not to be confused with the blue people, as many people I mentioned to, gave me a strange look when I mentioned the title.) A few of my friends absolutely loved the Avatar tv series, and were very excited with the prospect of seeing the movie. I had only seen small parts of the popular anime, but did not know much about the story or who the Avatar was. My movie buddies had never even heard of the series. The consensus? Those who had watched the series – hated it. With a passion. I thought it was okay. My boyfriend liked it, and the opinion was split between one friend who really enjoyed it, and the other friend who didn’t like it at all. Having now […]

Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen (October, 2009)

Director: F. Gary Gary Screenplay: Kurt Wimmer Actors: Gerard Butler, discount Jamie Foxx, page Leslie Bibb Date of Release: October 16, 2009 In a small house somewhere in the city of Philadelphia, two robbers enter an occupied house and proceed to assault a family of three – a wife, her husband, and their daughter. The end result: a dead wife and a dead daughter. Clyde Shelton (played here by Gerard Butler) then hires Nick Rice (played by Jamie Foxx), a prosecutor with an incredibly high conviction rate, to put the two murderers that killed his family in jail. However, not wanting to risk losing the entire case, Nick decides that it is better to cut a deal with one of the murderers, in order to “win” and get “some justice”. This leaves Clyde extremely disgruntled, with a lack of faith in the justice system. Gerard Butler does a phenomenal job here, going through different moments of his life, first as a loving father, then a grieving father, to someone who becomes driven to right the justice system in the only way he knows how. He plays each part convincingly, and he acts the role just so perfectly that the viewer […]

Movie Review: Letters to Juliet (May, 2010)

Director: Gary Winick Screenplay: Jose Rivera, seek Tim Sullivan Release Date: May 14, 2010 Actors: Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Egan, Franco Nero So, I’m slightly behind. I’m trying to catch up with the movies I have seen, so here I go, with the movies yet to be released. (No one wants to hear about the movies that have already been released, do they? Letters to Juliet is your typical romantic comedy. Girl is with boy, meets another boy, falls in love with another boy. Nothing about this movie is unpredictable, which is not at all surprising. The movie however, is surprisingly delightful, once you can get over how cliche everything is. Amanda Seyfried stars as Sophie, the main character of the film. She’s a fact checker for The New Yorker, who aspires to be a journalist one day. She is engaged to a soon to be restaurant chef Spaniard Victor, who is extremely busy with his restaurant opening that before his restaurant opens, they decide to take a “pre-honeymoon” off to Verona, Italy. After arriving in Verona and being whisked from one winery, or factory, or plantation to another by Victor in order to pick the best ingredients for […]

Movie Review: Little Miss Sunshine

Wow. Talk about an amazing movie. I just got back from watching an excellently scripted and well-crafted movie. Take some really great actors and throw them into the mix and you have yourself an excellent movie, view with no special effects, ed no flashy CG, action choreography in sight. I’d say it’s a pretty low budget film, that cost 8 million dollars to make, in comparison to most movies these days. The story is about a family who tries their hardest to drive across country to get their daughter Olive (Abigal Breslin, people may remember her from Signs), to participate in a beauty pageant in California in their nice Volkswagen bus. It starts out with Olive staring at a recorded video tape of Miss Louisana being crowned Miss America and her pretending to accept her award. Switch to her brother Dwayne (Paul Dano), who is seen doing pushups, pull ups, and benching weights. Apparently he has taken an oath of silence until he fulfills his dream of attending the Airforce Academy. Grandpa (Alan Arkin) is in the bathroom doing heroine. Richard (Greg Kinnear), father to Olive and Dwayne is teaching a classroom about his 9 steps to success (or something […]