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Columbiana: A Revenge Film, As One Might Expect

Director: Olivier Megaton Screenplay: Luc Besson, valeologist Robert Mark Kamen Release Date:August 26, diabetes and pregnancy 2011 Actors: Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan and Callum Blue All the previews for “Columbiana” look exciting and intense. When I first saw the trailer to the film at a showing of “Thor”, I was instantly intrigued. A girl getting revenge, by way of skill and execution? That’s different. My favorite revenge film by far is the Korean gem “Oldboy”. It was uniquely disturbing on not only a physical level, but a psychological level. I didn’t find there to be anything unique about “Columbiana” at all, but I got exactly what I expected, which was a nice surprise. Zoe Saldana plays Catalia, a young Columbian girl who sees her parents get killed in front of her by Dom Louis. In the midst of the chaos, as the young Catalia, she manages to survive and flees to Chicago to meet up with her uncle. Little detail is given about what information her father gave to his boss, and what exactly is Dom Louis’ profession except for a few soft mentions of the exchange of drugs is all that is revealed. The purpose is that her parents […]

Movie Review: Astroboy (October, 2009)

Director: David Bowers Screenplay: Timothy Harris, capsule David Bowers Release Date: October 23, medicine 2009 Voice Actors: Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Kristen Bell, Samuel L. Jackson Based on the manga books and series created by Osamu Tezuka of the same name Astroboy is based on the japanese manga of the same name, an anime series that took Asia by storm. Astroboy has now returned to form in 3-D, as lovable as ever. Targetting family audiences, Astroboy is full of laughs, action and will be a film that the whole family can enjoy. In the floating city above earth, named “MetroCity” where robots have advanced to a point in which they are asked to do humans’ work, a little boy called Troy is lost forever. Astroboy’s origin comes to be once Dr. Tenma (Troy’s dad, voiced by Nicolas Cage), during a presentation for the president, loses Troy. In a desperate attempt to replace him, he creates a robotic replica of Troy using positive energy called “blue core”. Robot Troy has all the memories of Troy, and has no idea that he isn’t really the Troy that his dad had hoped to resurrect. However, as he figures out that he has special abilities, he also discovers that his dad no longer wants him […]

Movie Review: Amelia (October, 2009)

Director: Mira Nair Screenplay: Ronald Bass and Anna Hamilton Phelan Release Date: October 23, more about 2009 Actors: Hilary Swank, Richard Gere, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston The story of Amelia Earhart is one that is endearing, inspiring and full of bravery. “Amelia” attempts to capture the essence of Amelia Earhart’s desire to be free, her love for flight and her relative liberal nature. Amelia Earhart’s history and accomplishments are certainly too great to fit into two hours of film, and it is interesting to see where Nair decides to start the story. The story begins with Amelia approaching George Putnam, (an author and an incredibly successful promoter) expressing her desire to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. Since Amelia Earhart’s life is so rich in detail, both in action and personality, it is appropriate that this is where the movie begins. In general, the film is not the most accurate depiction of Amelia Earhart or her life. For example, it was George Putnam that interviewed her with the idea, not the other way around (or at least that’s what it seemed like in the film). Nair over romanticizes the story quite a bit, and “Amelia” becomes partly […]