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Movie Review: The Green Hornet (January, 2011)

Director: Michel Gondry Screenplay: Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg Release Date: January 14, order 2011 Actors: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz The Green Hornet was not received well by fans at the San Diego Comic Con last summer. However, with the more recent trailers, a lot more people seem to be at least more interested and have more hope with the film. The Green Hornet comic and original television series were more serious than this new remake of the masked superhero, which seems to be making a lot of the hard core fans unhappy. I have never read the Green Hornet comic, nor have I seen the original series, so I can’t fairly compare to the source. This review will be purely from what I saw from this new film. As many people know, Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, Superbad) is the lead actor in the Green Hornet and as Britt Reid and had to shed lots of pounds to play the title character. Rogen also wrote the screenplay along with Evan Goldberg, so he was quite invested in this project in various ways. Mega Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou (which I wrote a raving review for on […]

Movie Review: Secret, 不能說的秘密 (2007)

Director: Jay Chou Screenplay: Chi-long To Actors: Jay Chou, view Kwai Lun Mei, pill Anthony Wong Jay Chou is well known for being one of Asia’s most talented artists. He is most well known for his ability to blend the Chinese sound into modern day styles, resulting in sweet addictive melodies. Completely versatile, he is one of those rare musicians that is an accomplished pianist and composes much of his own songs, as well as for many of Asia’s foremost artists. Though Jay’s acting debut has certainly been lacking, with some even making fun of him in “Initial D”, and his performance in “The Curse of the Golden Flower”, his performance in “Secret” is nothing to laugh at. However, this may be the fact that Jay is essentially playing .. himself. In his first directorial debut, he succeeds in making not just a good film but a great film. Using his talents in music, Jay Chou has centered the story, not surprisingly, around his greatest strength: the music. The story begins when Jay’s character (Jay, Chinese movies tend to use the same name as the actor’s name) starts school (where the focus is music) as a new student. His father, […]