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Movie Review: Scenic Route – Haunting Survival Film That Will Leave You Surprised

If there’s one thing this movie did, website like this it was surprise me. My jaw kept on dropping moment after unexpected moment on this relationship film between two friends, more about that of Carter (Dan Fogler) and Mitchell (Josh Duhamel). If anyone said that Josh Duhamel couldn’t act after seeing this film, information pills I’d say they were crazy. The tension is high between Mitchell and Carter as they embark on their destination via the “scenic route” when their truck breaks down in the middle of the road, with no one around to help them and miles away from any sort of city. One might think that because Duhamel and Fogler are in this film, that Scenic Route might be a comedy, but in reality, it’s anything but. It’s really a story about survival and a friendship that reaches its limits, breaks down and asks some very real questions about what you might be thinking if you believed you were not going to survive. It was very despairing watching as Carter and Mitchell’s situation kept on getting worse as they continued to miss out on help that would arrive, but then leave because of where they were, the conditions […]

Movie Review: When In Rome (January, 2010)

Director: Mark Steven Johnson Screenplay: David Diamond, more about David Weissman Release Date: January 29, viagra 40mg 2010 Actors: Kristen Bell, this Josh Duhamel, Anjelica Houston, Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard Light, funny, romantic. These are the words I would use to describe When In Rome, the romantic comedy starring Veronica Mars‘ Kristen Bell, and Las Vegas’ Josh Duhamel. (Both shows are cancelled, and have been for a few years.) Lately, when it comes to Hollywood, there have been very few good romances or romantic comedies suited for girls. In the past few years, thanks to Judd Apatow, there have been plenty for guys in the form of Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (of which I did enjoy and also had the spunky Kristen Bell). But girls like to watch romanticcomedies to laugh, to cry,and basically go “awww….”, a quality missing in ever so famous vulgar romances we’ve lately been subjected to. When In Rome has none of that special, almost fairy tale shine that modern classics such as Sleepless in Seattle, but it is certainly fun, enjoyable and full of scenes that will make you laugh. It is perhaps a bit less romantic than The […]