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ReelNerdChick.com: Transitioning to separate domain

My personal domain was turning into what seemed a primarily movie site, cost with only just movie reviews, men’s health and I felt a bit stifled with the amount of blog posts I was making on just reviews. It seemed restricted to movies, yet I felt I couldn’t branch out and write about other movie subjects. This allows being able to talk more than just movie posts on my personal domain – and possibly a foray into food, and other subjects that kind of interest me. Plus, I’m sure there were several friends of mine who had no interest in all the movie reviews I was writing up… hence ReelNerdChick.com was born. About a year ago I wanted the domain name “reelnerd.com”, but my movie buddy Brad (perhaps I should get him to be a contributer, as he is very colorful and detail in his reviews) found out that “reelnerds.com” was already being used. After mulling it over for about a year (yes, procrastination is one of my strongest suits), I settled on reelnerdchick.com. I plan to spread it out with whatever movie idea enters my mind.

Reelnerdchick.com is still in its growing phases, but hopefully I’ll eventually get it ironed out!

Thanks for reading!

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