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Thanks to one of my friends, treat I was introduced to this rather addicting game from Veer that I think is perfect for anyone who enjoys and has watched a lot of the well known movies or knows a two or thing about pop culture. It includes a lot of obvious films and a few lesser known ones.

The concept is interesting, price where you’re introduced to three images, here not from the film, but three images that might remind you what the film may be. You keep on playing over and over again until you can get 50/50, where it will show you the ones you missed if you’ve gone through the full 50 once already.

The first round I was playing in-between breaks from work, so I ended up only getting 35 my first try, then on the second, 44/50. Now I’m up to 48 and I ended up spoiling on the last two that I couldn’t do.

Let me know how you did 🙂 A pretty great time killer I must say, and I hope Veer comes out with more.

Play the Game! ClockBusters: Guess the Movie

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