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Movie Review – Rush: An Intense and Thrilling Race to the Finish Line

Rush is an exhilarating look at the real life rivalry and camaraderie between Formula One race drivers Austrian Nikki Lauda and Britain’s James Hunt leading up to the year of 1976 when they challenged each other directly for the World Championship title. One might think that a movie about Formula One racers may not be very appealing, what is ed especially given that race car driving is not exactly a popular sport here in the United States. With the story in the hands of Ron Howard however, try Rush becomes accessible as he compares and contrasts the two personalities by giving the audience a look on each sides as they compete with each other throughout the year. Without really knowing the history of the Lauda and Hunt, it is difficult to say how accurate the film is. People who are fans of the sport will probably find inaccuracies, but as one who knows next to nothing, Ron Howard allows audiences to get caught up with the intense and thrilling drive of competition and speed between Lauda and Hunt. Rush is well crafted with the interweaving viewpoints switching back and forth between Lauda and his life during his rise to success […]

Movie Review – What Maisie Knew: Heartbreaking to watch

What Maisie Knew will be a film that pulls your heart out, pills stamp over it, rx and put it back in your body only to leave you feeling battered. Onata Aprile here as Maisie does a wonderful job making you feel sorry for her. A bright, young little girl observes the moment when her father (Steve Coogan) and mother (Julianne Moore) separate then divorce, without saying much of a word. Susanna, her mother, is a singer who tours, smokes, has erratic possessive behaviour. Beale, her father, is a business man (of sorts) who is the father that pops in and out of his daughter’s life. Both claim to love their daughter very much but is unwilling to sacrifice their careers in order to give the love that Maisie deserves. Her nanny Margo (Joanna Vanderham) takes care of Maisie, as opposed to Maisie’s non existent parents. Even Lincoln (Alexander Skarsgaard) who ends up marrying Susanna has more of an interest in Maisie than Susanna does. Both Margo and Lincoln quickly discover how they’ve been discarded by their spouses but continue to try and be there for Maisie despite making some mistakes. For anyone who is a parent watching What Maisie […]

Movie Review – Prisoners: Thrilling, Suspenseful and Well Acted

Prisoners is a slow burning thriller that will leave you questioning your morals at the end of the film. One might even feel justified given the ending, hemorrhoids but does the actions of one make it right to go to extremes? These are the questions that Prisoners wants to leave you with and does so extremely well. We’re first introduced to the loving and seemingly happy family of the Dover family, migraine with Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) a father who has survivalist ideals who keep his wife Grace (Maria Bello), find daughter Anna and son Ralph (Ralph Dover) feeling protected and safe. They are visiting their neighbours the Birchs (Franklin, played by Terrence Howard and Nancy played by Viola Davis) for Thanksgiving Dinner. AFter dinner, as the Dovers and Birches spend some time together, Anna and Joy Birch (Kyla Drew Simmons) decide they want to look for the red whistle that Keller gave Anna which she lost back at the Dover’s home. Earlier, Joy’s sister Eliza and Ralph took them out for a walk when Anna and Joy start playing on this old beat up RV parked outside the home, when they discover someone is inside. Frightened, they leave immediately […]

Movie Review: Scenic Route – Haunting Survival Film That Will Leave You Surprised

If there’s one thing this movie did, website like this it was surprise me. My jaw kept on dropping moment after unexpected moment on this relationship film between two friends, more about that of Carter (Dan Fogler) and Mitchell (Josh Duhamel). If anyone said that Josh Duhamel couldn’t act after seeing this film, information pills I’d say they were crazy. The tension is high between Mitchell and Carter as they embark on their destination via the “scenic route” when their truck breaks down in the middle of the road, with no one around to help them and miles away from any sort of city. One might think that because Duhamel and Fogler are in this film, that Scenic Route might be a comedy, but in reality, it’s anything but. It’s really a story about survival and a friendship that reaches its limits, breaks down and asks some very real questions about what you might be thinking if you believed you were not going to survive. It was very despairing watching as Carter and Mitchell’s situation kept on getting worse as they continued to miss out on help that would arrive, but then leave because of where they were, the conditions […]

Movie Review: Hereafter (October 22, 2010)

Director: Clint Eastwood Screenplay: Peter Morgan Release Date: October 22, link 2010 Actors: Matt Damon, online Cecile de France, ambulance Frank McLaren, George McLaren, Thierry Neuvic, Jay Mohr, Bryce Dallace Howard Hereafter presents a different kind of Clint Eastwood film, in the sense that his previous films have a feeling of cynicism, and sadness, bringing about death. Hereafter are the questions of what happens after death. Hereafter brings together three characters, living in different parts of the world, touched by death in one form or another. We are first introduced to Marie Lelay (Cecile de France), who is currently on vacation in Thailand with her boyfriend and producer. In a few fateful events, with an unbelievable job of CG, the huge tsunami hits and everything is swept away in its path, including Marie. She gets knocked unconscious and has a bout with death, and what she thinks is the afterlife. In another corner of the world, we meet young brothers Marcus and Jason (George and Frank McLaren), a set of twins only separated by a mere 15 minutes. They live in a fairly sad environment, where their mom is clearly an alcoholic. Running an errand for his mom, Jason ends […]

Movie Review: The Social Network (October 1, 2010)

Director: David Fincher Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin Release Date: October 1, nurse 2010 Actors: Jesse Eisenberg, gastritis Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song When I first heard that this movie was being created, I turned my nose up at it. Who wants to watch a movie about Mark Zuckerberg? Certainly not me, who comes off as very arrogant especially in regards to those who use Facebook, and his approach on privacy. Finally, after the reviews started rolling in, The Social Network piqued my interest. Was it really good as the critics were saying? In a short word and very unimportant opinion: no. The movie focuses on Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and the rise of Facebook from the beginnings of his stay at Harvard. Based on the story The Accidental Millionaire, the story is not fully factual and is very much dramatized with the addition of sex, drugs and alcohol. And though I’m not very fond of Mark Zuckerberg in general, David Fincher’s and Alan Sorkin’s decision to make him even more of a jerk (I use that word as an understatement) is a bit alarming. Jesse Eisenberg gives for the most part, a very one note Mark Zuckerberg – […]

Movie Review: Remember Me (March, 2010)

Director: Allen Coulter Release Date: March 12, pharmacy 2010 Screenplay: Will Fetters Actors: Robert Pattinson, cardiologist Emilie de Ravin, Ruby Jerins, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Lena Olin The DVD release for Remember Me comes out on the 22nd of June, and having missed the screening of it earlier in the year, I was happy to be able to watch this, since I heard a few good things from people who had seen it. Let’s make this clear. I am not a Twilight fan (anyone who knows me can confirm this to the third degree). I am not a Robert Pattinson fan of any shape or form (though I did like his Cedric Diggory in the fourth and fifth movies of the Harry Potter films.) Having watched the first Twilight film and part of the second one, I find it now disappointing that Pattinson may be seen for a while, as “Twilight’s Edward”, because truthfully, he is much better than that. Remember Me follows the life of Tyler Hawkins (played by Pattinson), but starts off introducing Ally Craig (Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin) and the tragedy she experiences when she is young. Tyler is practically estranged from his dad (Pierce Brosnan) and […]

Movie Review: The Wolfman (February, 2010)

Director: Joe Johnston Screenplay: Andrew Kevin Walker, discount David Self Release Date: February 12, 2010 Actors: Benecio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt Note: I wrote this a long time ago, but I feel that even though the movie has already been released, perhaps one can decide if they want to watch it on the big screen or on DVD. I feel it is nice to write about movies – old or new. What a shame. Three wonderful actors and what results in this almost hilarious film is a failure. Why? Well, let me first tell you the premise. Ben Talbot, brother of Lawrence Talbot (Benecio del Toro), husband of Solana Talbot (Emily Blunt) and son of John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins) is viciously attacked and torn apart by a werewolf. Solana sends a letter to Lawrence, who is now an American actor but currently performing in a play in London. She asks Lawrence to return home to find his brother. By the time he returns, Ben has been found dead and left in the ditches. Lawrence then decides that he will stay until he finds what happens to his brother. However, upon his investigation, he has the most unfortunate fate […]

Movie Review: The Book of Eli (January, 2010)

Directors: Albert Hughes, illness Allen Hughes Screenplay: Gary Whitta Release Date: January 15, cheap 2010 Actors: Denzel Washington, cost Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Jennifer Beals, Michael Gambon, Frances de la Tour It’s a post apocalyptic world, and Eli Walker has been walking for many years. Thirty years after the end of days, after a huge war and ‘the flash’, in which the sun turned the world into ash, Eli is in the middle of his quest to protect and deliver the book that he carries to the west. It is his calling and he intends to see it through. The world however, has turned to hell, or so it seems. There are savages riding on motorcycles that rape women and kill other men for their supplies. Water is a hot commodity, and people kill for it. The sun is so strong, people have to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from going blind. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the theatre for this one. I had seen previews and clips of it on talk shows and at the Warner Brothers panel at last year’s Comic-con. They even showed an animation surrounding the book at the convention last year […]

Movie Review: Extraordinary Measures (January, 2010)

Director: Tom Vaughan Screenplay: Robert Nelson Jacobs Release Date: January 22, viagra approved 2010 Actors: Brendan Fraser, abortion Harrison Ford, myocarditis Kerri Russell, Meredith Droeger, Diego Velazquez Based on the book of the same name by Geeta Anand When I first heard about this movie starring Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford, I was immediately intrigued. Based on a true story, the drama centers on John Crowley (Brendan Fraser), the father of three children, two of which have a rare genetic disorder. After almost losing his oldest daughter, John becomes desperate in finding a treatment or a pill that can effectively prolong the lives of his children. Having followed Dr. Robert Stonehill’s (Harrison Ford) research, John tracks him down and works together in creating a pill those with Pompe can take to either prevent the effects of the disease altogether or for those who are older, to allow sugar to work into the system by creating an enzyme that breaks down sugar, preventing the buildup of glycogen. With the promising outlook of Dr. Stonehill’s research, John is desperate in finding investors and getting the pill to market for his children to take before they pass away. I’m not sure what to […]